Sprout Salons Presents Jon Garner Art Opening Friday June 14th, at 6...

Sprout Salons Presents Jon Garner Art Opening Friday June 14th, at 6 pm


Sprout Salons Presents Jon Garner Art Opening

THE WOODLANDS, TX – Sprout Salons located at 3099 College Park Dr. The Woodlands, TX 77384 will be hosting an art opening called “Dyslexic by design, Artist by Choice” featuring the work of local Houston artist Jon Garner. The opening will begin at 6 pm and be ending around 9 pm Friday June 14th. If you are a collector of art, love art, or are looking for something fun and interesting to do, make sure you stop by and say hello to Jon Garner the artist, and the wonderful people at Sprout Salons. There will be great art work available to purchase for decorating your house, businesses, or anything you would like to decorate. This event is going to be fun! Don’t miss it!



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About the Artist: Jon Garner

“Dyslexic by design, an artist by choice” Jon Garner

Born 1976 in Deer Park, Texas, he was born into a family driven by design. At age 13, he began apprenticing with his father in the floral and event business. During this period in the late 80’s, his oldest brother was designing clubs in Houston and as well as posters for bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and many others. Jon’s family created an atmosphere that encouraged creativity. Despite being diagnosed with dyslexia in school and placed in special education classes, his art teachers recognized his natural gift and eye for art, graduating as the recipient of an art scholarship from a national art foundation, chosen above more than 2,500 other students.

During his college years, he was introduced to the street art culture during his random road trips from NYC to Cali and from the classes he took to further his understanding for art. In 1998, Jon created and started an urban culture web site; within two years Yahoo was calling it the best of the net for current urban culture from the UK to the USA. This contributed to his experiences in early social media networks and led to his introduction to Banksy’s street art in 2000. Over the next few years he would work with many worldwide and national brands, creating conceptual designs for different projects for brands like NASA (1997-99), Dow Chemical (2001-03), Fashion Week in NYC (2002-07), Spec’s Liquor (2007-09) and Free Press Houston Summer Fest (2009-10), all of which has allowed him the ability to recognize the influences of design and media on modern culture.

Garner’s disability has created a gift to think in terms of concepts, colors and emotions, rather then words. It created his ability to overcome the constraints of language and communicate a cleaner message in his art and design.

“Look at the subject, not the words”

Jon Garner is what we call a “lifestyle artist”. His art is designed to provoke emotions through the clean use of colors and layouts. His art is left open to the interpretation of the audience and allows the art to speak to each individual and see the world as he does.