The Woodlands LearningRx Brain Booster Program Provides a Competitive Edge in the...

The Woodlands LearningRx Brain Booster Program Provides a Competitive Edge in the Office


THE WOODLANDS, TX – When putting together those New Year’s resolutions, The Woodlands Learning Rx recommends that adults put brain fitness at the top of the list.

“Increasing your mind power can be the edge you need in today’s tough job market,” Kim Bellini, owner and director of The Woodlands Learning Rx, said. “Why not invest in a better brain – and reap the benefits in the workplace year-round?”

A mental workout can result in stronger cognitive skills, Bellini said, and provide the competitive edge to get ahead.

She said the skills required in a competitive market include:

Auditory processing — Reading and writing in some form are a vital component of most jobs. Auditory processing is the ability to perceive, analyze and conceptualize what is heard.

“Whether you write sales letters and emails, read technical instructions or even just want to take a continuing education class, strong auditory skills are a necessity,” Bellini said.

Attention – A lot of focus is now given to children and teens with ADD and ADHD – but weak attention skills are a factor for many working adults as well.

“If you struggle with multi-tasking, staying focused on long-term projects or coping with constant interruptions in the workplace, you likely have weak attention skills,” Bellini explained.

Memory/retention — Many would-be retirees are staying at their jobs longer. This makes for tough competition when competing against younger brains with stronger memory skills — the most rapidly weakening learning skill for humans.

“Memory can affect your job in many ways: forgetting clients’ names, missing appointments and meetings, and losing big accounts by forgetting important details,” Bellini said. “And while age-related cognitive decline is a given, there are things you can do to decrease and delay its impact.”

Processing speed — Ever noticed how some people can complete a task in half the time of their coworkers? The faster employee most likely has exceptional processing speed, or the rate at which the brain handles information.

“No matter what your age or education, processing speed can always be improved,” Bellini said. “Processing speed is one of the most significant determinants of performance. It helps employees respond quickly, process math computations faster, move from task to task in a timely manner, and perform well under stress.”

The Woodlands LearningRx is now offering a Brain Booster program designed for working adults. An hour of intensive workout with a personal brain trainer can make a difference, Bellini said.

Adult students commit to 12 to 24 sessions – and appointments can be made at their convenience.

“You can sharpen your cognitive skills at your own pace,” Bellini said. “And a stronger brain could mean a higher income, better job retention, career advancement and a higher quality of life.”

The Woodlands LearningRx specializes in one-on-one brain training for people of all ages. Personal trainers use exercises to quickly improve cognitive skills. Visit or call 832-482-3082 for more information.

About LearningRx

LearningRx specializes in identifying and correcting the underlying cognitive skill deficiencies that keep people from achieving their full potential whether in school, business or life. The program was pioneered by Dr. Ken Gibson. Using a comprehensive skills assessment test and intensive one-on-one training, certified trainers help individuals quickly and effectively improve weak cognitive skills such as attention, memory, processing speed, and problem solving.