World’s Most Iconic Financial Domain Name “” Goes Up for Sale: Starting...

World’s Most Iconic Financial Domain Name “” Goes Up for Sale: Starting Bid $30 Million


Wall StreetNEW YORK — In an epic online sale that’s expected to result in one of the highest amounts paid to date for a domain name, the world’s most famous and iconic financial name is now up for sale as is being offered to the highest bidder.

Two companies have come together as partners to collectively package this iconic domain property: Jerrold Burden, principal owner of LLC, a Florida company which owns, an active financial website since 1994, and has been granted the principal trademark and seven other U.S. registered trademarks for the name and are in use and active on the website;  and a London-based company.  The two companies have come together to sell the domain name property with the trademarks – the total package for what is widely considered among the most prized and recognizable website addresses and trademarks in the financial world.

The term “Wall Street” is synonymous with the world’s financial capital. The unique value of the term “Wall Street” is that in any language it is recognized and never translated, giving it instant identification and respect in global financial sectors.

“There’s a changing of the guard on Wall Street with new stock trading platforms such as and, as well as new online exchanges such as IEX, but none of them have yet been able to create an iconic brand like Wall Street,” said Burden, Manager and Director of, LLC.  “This domain package sale is a perfect opportunity to buy one of the worlds most prized and recognized domain names in the history of the internet.  As the internet changes how we do business on Wall Street now and in the future, the best investment for any large financial group is to invest in the worlds’ most recognizable financial domain name. ”

Mr. Burden adds, “ is a blank slate that can be utilized to take stock trading to new heights, enhance or extend their own brand, or provide entry into Wall Street for a company looking to expand or establish its financial market presence.  The possibilities are only limited by imagination of the marketing and technology groups that are able to acquire control of”

The total package sale is expected to start taking bids at $30 million, and includes the domains,, and seven registered U.S. Trademarks including Principal trademark, Wall Serial number is 85525019; Registration Number 4267116

Parties interested in the purchase of the Domain Package can email

ABOUT WALL-STREET.COM, LLC. has been on the internet since 1994 as a financial website. IR Programs have been well received by IR, Wall Street professionals and’s best-known larger alumni including Amgen, Applied Materials, Biogen, BMC Software, Cooper Companies, Genentech, General Dynamics, Medtronic, Motorola, Raymond James Financial and Rent-A-Center.