Iconic “BE SOMEONE” Graffiti Art Restored to Original Message

Iconic “BE SOMEONE” Graffiti Art Restored to Original Message

Be Someone
Original Iconic “Be Someone” graffiti art paining on I-45 heading south right outside of Downtown Houston

Houston, TX – Many of us from The Woodlands drive into Houston on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. When driving into Houston going South on I-45 right before getting into downtown you can’t miss the “BE SOMEONE” graffiti art located on the train bridge overpass. This graffiti was painted over by someone last week to make it say “BE ONE” and the response by the city’s residents was overwhelming.

According to Houston’s KHOU11 “It appears “SOME” was repainted in it’s original spot overnight on Saturday.” KHOU also mentioned some Houstonians took to Twitter and Facebook on Friday to express their disapproval of the altered bridge, while others pointed out a positive side to the “Be One” message.”

Be Someone Cover Up
Someone painted over the iconic “Be Someone” graffiti art painting right outside of Downtown Houston.

Personally when driving to Houston, when I see this “BE SOMEONE” sign it brings a sense of inspiration. Many thoughts go through my mind each time I see it. I think, “Wow, how did that person who painted this manage to get on that bridge and do that, without falling off or someone seeing them? Then I think, what a great message to portray to others.” If this graffiti art said something disrespectful or vulgar I could see someone’s reasoning for wanting to get rid of it, but it says “Be Someone”. A sign of inspiration for drivers as they commute daily. It’s great to see the sign back to it’s original text.

Be Someone Repainted
Iconic “Be Someone” graffiti art restored to original wording late Saturday night sometime.