Epic Software of The Woodlands Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Epic Software of The Woodlands Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Epic Software Group of The Woodlands
Epic Software Group of The Woodlands Celebrates 25th Anniversary Photo: Epic Software

The Epic Software Group, Inc. a leading provider of 3D animation and multimedia production services, celebrated a quarter- century in business with an open house at their studios on Sawdust Road in The Woodlands, TX.

The event was attended by communicators and customers from throughout the Houston area, highlighted by Congressman Kevin Brady arriving on the scene to present a U.S. House of Representatives Commendation recognizing the business success and talents of Epic and its founder and president, Vic Cherubini.

Vic Cherubini and Congressman Kevin Brady - Epic Software
Vic Cherubini and Congressman Kevin Brady – Epic Software Group

Since opening its doors in June of 1990, Epic Software has been providing marketing services in a variety of forms in Houston and around the world. Its customers range from master planned developments to the giants of the oil and gas industry. Cherubini came up with the concept for a business plan he created while working towards an MBA at the University of Houston. “My Business Development professor, Dr. Jon Goodman, encouraged me to turn the plan into a company. With her help (along with that of the Small Business Development Council of Houston), I quit my job and launched Epic” said Cherubini.

The early years were challenging for Epic Software because computer graphics were primitive, and most companies only used computers for word processing and spreadsheets. With the advent of Microsoft Windows followed by the Internet, people quickly realized that the computer could be used effectively to explain, inform, demonstrate, tour, play, marketing, sales, while its versatility continues to grow.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Our mission is straightforward: Epic Software creates awesome web sites, 3D animations, multimedia presentations, video productions and commercial photography all at affordable prices. We get the job done on time, on budget and try our best to delight every one of our clients with work we can all be proud of.” – Vic Cherubini [/quote]

Epic developed their first web site in 1995. Business went from a trickle to a flood as companies hired Epic Software to help create their online presence. Compaq was their largest client at the time. In 1999 Epic outgrew their original office space. Cherubini bought a 4 acre plot of land on Sawdust road and built a 3D animation studio on the site. Most of the work came from oil and gas clients that needed hi-quality animations to explain how their products and systems worked. These are often complex technologies and it is the job of Epic’s artists, animators and programmers to make them easy to understand.

In 2009 Epic’s clients began asking for help with producing videos for use online. “Our animations studio was not built for video, so we decided to build a production studio just for that purpose” said Cherubini. We wanted something unique, and large enough for corporate video productions and indie films. We decided to build the studio using upcycled and recycled materials to keep our cost low and our impact on the environment minimal. Proving that creativity by Epic is not limited to the computer, Cherubini used metal cargo containers, and non-conventional materials in creative new ways for a 5000 sq. ft. building that now houses the largest video production studio in the area. It was the most popular section for 25th anniversary visitors to tour.

Cherubini feels proud of where the company is today. Epic is using video game technology to produce training applications. It recently landed a major contract from ExxonMobil for an interactive safety application. Last year, Epic was awarded Small Business Vendor of the Year honor from the Siemens Corporation.

Over the past quarter century, the world of computing has changed drastically, Cherubini says. While the Epic of today looks nothing like its original business plan, it successfully evolved and adapted to the changes in the industry. “Our future is bright. We will weather the current economic downturn in the energy industry as we have in the past. We have a great team of very talented individuals who love what they do. While there are many factors which have contributed to our success, underlying them all is an unwavering commitment to meet our customers’ needs. We look forward to continuing to support them for the next quarter century” said Cherubini.