Gordy Bunch Honored by Recent Poll Recommending Him for The Woodlands Township...

Gordy Bunch Honored by Recent Poll Recommending Him for The Woodlands Township Chairman Position

The Woodlands Township Chairman
Gordy Bunch – The Woodlands Township Chairman Poll Infographic: Jason Franklin for The Woodlands Journal

The Woodlands Township Board of Directors Position 1: Gordy Bunch says he is honored to be named by the majority of citizens and voters in an online poll recommending him as a candidate for Chairman of The Woodlands Township Board.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]“If chosen by my fellow directors at the November 18 board meeting it would be my sincere honor to serve. Our governance for this hometown community, now marked by the retirement of pioneering directors like Peggy Hausman and Bruce Tough, will bring new challenges for a new generation of leadership, charged with preserving the essence of our history, and to forge the vision of our future.” – Gordy Bunch[/quote]

Find the poll conducted by The Woodlands Villager here:


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    rjones@starlightcleaning.com' Randy Jones

    Jason, what happened to the poll? Yesterday, November 16, Ed Robb had 50% of the vote to Gordy’s 38%. This article is misleading at best. More accurately, it’s completely dishonest. Gordy may have had 91% of the vote for about five minutes when he asked you to put the poll up 6 days ago. Unless this website is merely a propaganda piece for Gordy Bunch and his ilk, this article should be taken down, just like the poll was when it didn’t produce the result you wanted. Your attempt to create a bogus poll to artificially build up perceived support for Gordy failed miserably. Ed Robb is clearly the citizens choice for Chairman of the Township Board. Nice try!

    • When this was released Gordy was temporarily winning according to the poll that was released by The Villager. No, this is not a propaganda site for Gordy. Yes, Ed Robb did make a big come back after everyone started to vote and more votes came in. This was simply a early / mid race poll that was released. I was at the Township meeting when Ed Robb won. This was released days before that.

  2. This is so confusing, why would Gordy Bunch issue a press release about poll results that weren’t complete? Ed Robb received 50% of the vote In the Villager poll and Gordy got 32%. Did Gordy just get 8-10 people to vote for him right when the poll went up, then declare himself the victor, then take a screen shot of the wrong results and then send in a press release? That is so sad. Man, I hope he didn’t have to pay Lazzaro too much for that release.

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