James Noack Receives Endorsement from Alan B. Sadler

James Noack Receives Endorsement from Alan B. Sadler


James NoackJames Noack, conservative Republican and Montgomery County Commissioner in Precinct 3, announced the endorsement of Alan B. Sadler, former Montgomery County Judge.

“Commissioner James Noack has worked tirelessly on this Commissioners Court for almost 4 years. He has consistently brought well thought out ideas and programs that benefited the citizens of Precinct 3 as well as the entirety of this great county,” said Judge Sadler. “In short, I would highly recommend a vote to continue his energy, enthusiasm, conservative budgeting, and overall excellent contributions to the Montgomery County Commissioners Court. He is deserving of another four year term and the citizens would benefit accordingly.”

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]“Judge Sadler is such a well respected leader in our community. I am honored to have his support, and I look forward to continuing to make him proud of my work as your Commissioner.” – James Noack[/quote]

For more information about the campaign go to www.JamesNoack.com