Judge Michael T. Seiler Receives Texas Patriots PAC Reelection Recommendation

Judge Michael T. Seiler Receives Texas Patriots PAC Reelection Recommendation


Judge Michael Seiler

The Texas Patriots PAC (political action committee) has recommended incumbent judge of Montgomery County’s 435th District Court Michael T. Seiler be reelected to his bench.

The PAC, which was established in 2009 as the first Tea Party organization for the Montgomery County / North Houston area, selected Seiler based on his efficiency, experience, and effectiveness in presiding over nearly 300 cases that predominately feature sexual predators.

Texas Patriots co-founder and president Dr. Julie Turner praised Seiler’s strong sense of ethics and values.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]“There is a special strength in being able to handle cases like that, I don’t know how he does it.” Dr. Julie Turner [/quote]

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The PAC’s endorsement was gratifying to Seiler. “I am honored that my experience and reputation for efficiency has been so recognized by the Texas Patriots,” he said. “They understand that I am uniquely qualified to render decisions based on my knowledge of and expertise in the handling of sex offenders.”

Judge Seiler worked as a prosecutor in the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office from 1994 until June 2008, eventually becoming District Court Chief. He was appointed by Governor Rick Perry to the 435th District Court bench in 2008. The 435th District Court carries a full load of criminal cases, and hears the biennial review of approximately 350 violent sexual predators to determine if they need to continue to be held in civil commitment.

For more information on Michael Seiler, visit www.judgemikeseiler.com.