Liberty Tax Notes 5 Reasons to Hire a Tax Professional

Liberty Tax Notes 5 Reasons to Hire a Tax Professional


Income Taxes

Now that the new year is here, many taxpayers are asking themselves, “Do I need a tax preparer or should I try to do my taxes myself?”

Filing a tax return can be a complicated process, especially with multiple sources of income and new tax laws coming into play.

Dianne Ketcham, owner and manager of Liberty Tax Service in Spring, said, “A lot of people are unsure about whether to hire a professional tax service.” She offers these tips to help answer that question.

  • Save Time – “The IRS estimates that doing your taxes can take the average person about 16 to 18 hours,” Ketcham said. “Most people in this day and age don’t have that kind of time.”


  • “Don’t Stress over New Tax Laws” – Ketcham said, “It’s our job as tax preparers to keep up with the many tax law changes and understand their complexities.”


  • Avoid Mistakes – With a tax professional such as Liberty Tax, accuracy is guaranteed. “Mistakes can be very costly,” Ketcham said. “We pride ourselves on accuracy and stand behind every return we prepare.”


  • Plan Ahead – “Your tax preparer can help you plan ahead and make smarter long-term decisions that will save you money on your taxes going forward,” Ketcham said.


  • Save Money – A tax professional can recommend ways to save money. “Saving you money and getting you the best refund or the lowest amount owed is our number one goal.”.

Ketcham also advises caution when using tax software. “Software packages are only as correct as the user’s knowledge,” she said. “If you don’t understand the terminology or qualifications, you can still do an incorrect return with the software.”

For answers to questions about preparing taxes, visit or call 832-447-1800. Ketcham said, “Everyone who completes a paid return before February 13, will receive $50 cash.” Liberty tax is now opening an additional location in The Woodlands Mall near the children’s play area.