District Attorney Brett Ligon Endorses James Noack

District Attorney Brett Ligon Endorses James Noack


James Noack

James Noack, conservative Republican Montgomery County Commissioner in Precinct 3, recently announced the endorsement of Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon.

“I have been impressed with Commissioner Noack’s support of law enforcement for all of Montgomery County,” said DA Ligon. “He asks all the right questions and then makes solid decisions. I appreciate his continued effort to partner with law enforcement all across Montgomery County.”

“Having the County’s highest ranking law enforcement official’s endorsement is humbling,” said Commissioner Noack. “I take my role in protecting pubic safety in Precinct 3 very seriously; to be recognized for it makes me proud and motivates me to do even more.”


For more information about the campaign go to www.JamesNoack.com



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