Spring Happenings and Rayford Road Round Up Unite to Offer a Free...

Spring Happenings and Rayford Road Round Up Unite to Offer a Free Fun Filled Event

Spring Happenings and Rayford Round Up
Spring Happenings and Rayford Road Round Up have united to celebrate 35,000 likes and give back to the Emergency – Chaplain Group. The event will take place Saturday February 20 in Old Town Spring.

In an era and a time where the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and giving back to the public is alien to a number of organizations, Spring Happenings and Rayford Road Round Up are excited to announce as well as invite as many people as possible, to a unique gathering of fun and excitement that is dedicated towards a positive cause.

These two news publication in Spring, Texas, have taken it upon themselves to ‘walk the talk’ instead of merely ‘talking the talk.’ They are coming together to throw a special fun-filled event that is completely free and open to every member of the public.

Spring Happenings and Rayford Road Round Up

A spokesperson of Spring Happenings said; “Being a consumer-minded company, we are happy to be actively involved in this unique and heartfelt event as we celebrate 35,000 likes. This is a completely FREE event; adults only. Come for a few minutes or stay for a few hours; we want to see YOU.”

Dubbed as ‘Round Up your friends and be what’s Happening,’ just as the name of the two news outlets suggest, all proceeds collected at the event would be donated to Emergency Ministries.

Emergency Ministries is a non-profit organization that is dedicated towards providing Chaplaincy services to EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement and Dispatch agencies. The schedule for this exceptional event is as follows;

• Venue: The Venue at Old Town Spring (200 Main St. Spring, TX 77373)
• Date: Saturday February 20, 2016
• Time: 6:00pm – 11:00pm

“We urge everyone to come out and have fun, as well as support this great cause. Come enjoy a
complete dinner, cocktails, open bar, live music, karaoke, chair massages, giveaways, and much
more all night long.”

“Admission is FREE and everyone is welcome. However, we encouraged you to cheerfully give
a donation to Emergency Ministries” added the spokesperson of Rayford Road Round Up.

About Spring Happenings

“Spring Happenings is the fastest growing news media site in Spring Texas, reaching over 1.3
million viewers in 2015. The Spring Happenings team is led by a group of community oriented
individuals that have an extensive background in emergency management, freelance
videography, meteorology, and web design/development.”

To learn more about Spring Happenings, visit – Spring Happenings and on Facebook

To learn more about Rayford Road Round Up visit them here on Facebook