MUSIC: Buzzfest 35 in The Woodlands Recap

MUSIC: Buzzfest 35 in The Woodlands Recap


Buzzfest 35
Buzzfest 35 | Photo: Forse Media for The Woodlands Journal

Buzzfest 35! What a show! I was a little unsure about the lineup going in, but ended up impressed. What a show!

The main stage featured Andrew Watt, Nothing but Thieves, Joy Formidable, the Toadies, Houston’s own Blue October, The Offspring, and Cage the Elephant.

New Beat Fund
New Beat Fund | Photo: Forse Media for The Woodlands Journal

The second stage featured artists such as New Beat Fund, Big Data, The Struts, Everclear, Fitz and the Tantrums, and the amazing Awolnation.

A good mix of 90’s bands that have been playing together for the past decade as well as  newer bands that have gained popularity over the last few years like Cage the Elephant.

Buzzfest 35
Buzzfest 35 Crowd : Photo: Forse Media for The Woodlands Journal

Blue October came out and got the crowd going. They always put on such a great show and have such an inspiration in their performance. Their lyrics that cut deep to anyone who has felt pain in their life and been through rough stages in their life can definitely relate.

Justin talks about how we have all been through troubles and his come back to that is hi heartfelt, deep, uplifting song “Fear”.  “I used to fall, but I get back up” what a great attitude to have about life!  His lyrics always make me see a better way of life!  To see his transformation in all of his lyrics and albums come full circle to the new song “Home”.  Showing his true happiness and where he currently sits in life.

At the end of the set, they appeared to get cut off early and all walked off the stage. Only to come back with one more “Hate Me” making the crowd go crazy.

BuzzFest 35 | Photo: Forse Media for The Woodlands Journal
BuzzFest 35 | Photo: Forse Media for The Woodlands Journal

The Offspring! These guys! How did I make it all these years without seeing them live in concert? WOW! Never placed them in a punk category for music style, but I do now. They had great beat. A style you sure don’t see very often in today’s music.

Off to the side stage to see awolnation! Or to be stuck in the crowd about half a mile back and could not see anything at all.  Why is Awol on the side stage again??? Not really sure who put them on the side stage, definitely feel they should have had their set on the main stage. It was a whole other party on the side stage. Chic Fil A and Marble Slab on a hot day for the side stage!

Back to the main stage to see the headliner Cage the Elephant. As we approach our seats, they already took the stage. The singer Matt Schultz was in the audience aisles performing. The band had a very old school “The Doors” type of appearance on stage.

The singer Matt Schultz had more energy than the entire crowd put together. In fact, he lost his feet a couple times on stage. Not sure what was happening between the vocals syncing and the perfect sound of his voice, something appeared to be slightly off though. All in all, the performance was full of energy and did not the audience down.

The crowd consisted of all ages from all walks of life out to enjoy great music with a great line up!

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