Go Red for Women in The Woodlands was a Success

Go Red for Women in The Woodlands was a Success


Go Red for Women

On Friday, May 13, 2016, over a thousand women’s hearts were changed at the 2016 Go Red for Women Luncheon held at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center.

Go Red for Women has inspired phenomenal women of numerous communities to come together and create a meaningful and lifesaving culture of health. The successes the American Heart Association have mean that mother’s, daughters, sisters , aunts and friends are taking steps to live a healthy life and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke in their homes and communities.

Go Red Luncheon

Since Go Red for Women was launched a decade ago, women’s heart disease death rates have declined 34 percent, but there is more work to be done.

An estimated 44 million women are affected by cardiovascular diseases, and 90 percent of women have one or more risk factors for heart disease or stroke.

go red luncheon 11
Diane Kink and Jo Anne Johnson

It was an honor to have Diane Kink and Jo Anne Johnson co-chair this year’s luncheon speak. These beautiful women quoted this,

“Bringing the message close to home, is one of the key takeaways, and we know the community can come together to have an amazing impact on Montgomery County.”

Go Red luncheon 2

The day begin at 11am with a silent auction and bid-board auction along with photo opportunities, sparkling red bubbly, and women laughing and enjoying being together. Seeing the RED dresses and attire fill the room was very impactful and the fashion statement’s were endless.

Go Red luncheon 4


The auction Co-Chair’s were Kim Bradley and Kelsey Casey, who both did a tremendous job. The hottest item up for auction on the live auction board was the Hearts of Fire Package which included a dinner for 10 prepared by the friendly Firemen of Central Station. The auction item read, “Spray the hose, ride on the truck, slide down the pole, (all the women giggled with excitement on that one) enjoy good food in good company and more! Dinner underwritten by Kroger and you will get to ride to the fire station in a Mercedes Benz Van provided by Mercedes Benz of The Woodlands.

The live auction had a bid placed on it for roughly $4400, then the auctioneer said let the fun begin. Many groups of women began to bid on this hot item and when the auctioneer asked for $7,500 I thought it was done, then someone bids $10,000! Finally the item auctioned for $12,000! It get’s better, the 2 other groups of women asked if they could do this item x3 and of course they said yes.

Women cried as they watched women in the community give so generously to this cause, and $36,000 was raised just on this auction item alone. The auctioneer Michael Graham with Signature EvenTX was one of a kind, let’s just say this, very gifted AMAZING!

Go red luncheon amy lecrone
Amy LeCrone & 3 children

Open your heart speaker was Amy LeCrone. God has blessed her with a beautiful family, but on July 28th, 2014, Amy was awakened by a shocking and unexpected phone call from the Montgomery County Fire Department that would forever change her life.

The Captain on the other end of the phone explained they believed her husband, Dr. Vance LeCrone had suffered a heart attack at the private gym where he was working out that Monday morning. Before they hung up she told the captain- Do NOT stop, he has three kids. Constantly surrounded by family and friends, the next eight days turned devastating as his condition declined and proved there was no possible recovery. Vance gained his wings on August 4, 2014.

vance is why

Amy Lecrone has carried on with this mission, “Vance is my WHY.” Amy has partnered with the American Heart Association and hosted “Helping Hearts” which is a fun, family, free CPR training event. Amy states, “ I am determined to share the basic guildlines and stress the importance of immediate CPR and use of AED in hopes to save lives and education people if they are ever faced with a situation where they could be someone’s guardian angel.”

Thank you to all the 2016 Sponsors for your contribution to this amazing organization. This luncheon  truly was an inspiration to make a difference in the lives of people close to us, remember those we have lost and to pray for those battling now.

Now tell me, “What is your WHY?”

For more information on how to make a difference you can donate or visit  www.heart.org.


  1. If men and women had identical rates of risk and fatalities from heart disease, campaigning only against women’s heart disease would be sexist.

    But it’s far worse than sexist when you consider an indispensable fact that puts men’s and women’s heart disease in its proper gender perspective and which you deliberately neglected even to mention:

    As a group, men incur heart disease about ten years sooner than women and die of it at a much higher rate AT EVERY AGE.

    To campaign only against women’s heart disease is not just cruel sexism but also racism, given that the group at the highest risk of all is black men.

    Don’t think the campaigns are sexist? Imagine this reversal: As a group women incur heart disease about ten years sooner than men and die of it at a much higher rate at every age — but all campaigns against heart disease focus exclusively on men’s heart disease.

    What would women’s advocates call such campaigns? Sexist. How soon would they erupt in protest? Yesterday.

    Look at this sexism another way: Since women as a group outlive men, the campaigns are helping the longer-living sex live even longer. Suppose there were economic campaigns to help only men earn more money — a less egregious sexism. How long would women’s advocates tolerate these campaigns to help the higher-earning sex? Less than a second.

    The sexism against men is repeated and perpetuated each time a women’s advocate reads views like mine and ignores it, saying, “Hey, no one else is complaining.” That’s the exact kind of sexism that women’s advocates started condemning in men over 40 years ago.

    The male doctors who remain silent — they seem to comprise the vast majority of male doctors — ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    And to women: Think about the men in your life, including your granddad, your dad, your brothers, your sons, and your husband. On average, heart disease will stike them earlier and kill them sooner than it will your respectively same-aged grandmom, your mom, your sisters, and your daughters.

    If women’s advocates and Democrats have their way, the gender heart-disease-death gap will grow even bigger.

    “Women’s advocates wrong about why more women die of heart disease than men” http://malemattersusa.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/womens-advocates-wrong-about-why-more-women-die-of-heart-disease-than-men/

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