Popular Delivery App Favor Expands to The Woodlands

Popular Delivery App Favor Expands to The Woodlands

Favor Delivery App Expands to The Woodlands
Favor Delivery App Expands to The Woodlands

Popular delivery app Favor makes its way into our beautiful township of The Woodlands.

Favor is already a big hit in Houston, Dallas and Austin and allows users to have pretty much anything delivered for a fee of $5 plus an optional tip.

What does this all mean? It’s actually quite convenient and simple.

If you can’t leave work because you have a tight filled day of meetings, are stuck at home or are just on your grind, you’re no longer limited to just those restaurants that offer delivery services. Just download Favor and get started on your order, then you’ll be set.

To begin delivery areas will include Grogan’s Mill, Alden Bridge and Panther Creek and will most likely expand to cover more areas of The Woodlands in the near future.

Average delivery time runs around 35 minutes and approximately 40% of users who order through Favor use the app no less than 5 times per month.

According to Culture Map, in a statement Favor CEO and President Jag Bath said, “Since launching in other Texas hubs across Austin, Dallas, and Houston we’ve seen the effect of our local network. Word of mouth continues to be a huge driving force for Favor, and we’re excited to be taking our service to the next level by bringing Favor to more hungry residents in Texas.”

Next time you want food delivered remember Favor can be of great assistance. Go ahead and ask for a favor! Try it out and let us know how it worked for you. We have a strong hunch you’re going to love it!

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