Shotgun Fired at Juveniles by Man in The Woodlands

Shotgun Fired at Juveniles by Man in The Woodlands

Brian Keith Campbell of The Woodlands
Brian Keith Campbell, Jr. of The Woodlands (date of birth 04/11/1997)

On Saturday September 10th around 11:10 P.M. deputies of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division were dispatched to a deadly conduct call in the 50 block of Pipers Meadow St, in The Woodlands.

According to reports, there was a get together at a local residence close to the location dispatched. Attending the get together were a mix of several juveniles and young adults who were getting ready to leave when they were confronted by a male resident who lived close by.

An argument began between some of the individuals from the party and the male resident. The male resident then went back into his close by home and returned with a shotgun. As one of the vehicles was leaving which had four juveniles who were involved in the altercation inside, the suspect discharged the shotgun three times striking the vehicle.

No injuries were reported except hearing difficulties from the loudness of the shotgun blast.

The resident suspect that fired the shotgun was arrested and charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

All juvenile complainants involved had their guardians contacted and made aware of what had occurred and were released to their guardians at that time.