Death Cab for Cutie Brings the Jams to Houston

Death Cab for Cutie Brings the Jams to Houston

Death Cab for Cutie
Death Cab for Cutie Front man Ben Gibbard Photo: Elliott Soeder

Veteran rockers Death Cab For Cutie expertly traversed through their 18 year-old catalog of material, playing selections from all eight studio records, even the minimalistic 1998 release “Something About Airplanes”.

Ageless frontman Ben Gibbard, in standard-issue rolled up sleeves, practiced his patented marching in place while waving the neck of his guitar left to right and bouncing, song to song, between his telecaster and piano.

Death Cab for Cutie Bassist
Death Cab for Cutie Bassist Nick Harmer Photo: Elliott Soeder

Bassist Nick Harmer approached and retreated from the front of the stage like the tide coming in and going out.

Drummer Jason McGerr, human metronome and one of the more gifted drummers in pop music, existed in his own bubble throughout the night, all the while acting as the engine that powered the band through the set list.

Death Cab for Cutie Photo: Elliott Soeder
Recent tour members of the group are guitarists/keyboardists Dave Depper and Zac Rae, brought on-board after the 2013 departure of long-time band member Chris Walla. The two augment Walla’s former role in not only number, but a more rock n’ roll approach to long-beloved DCFC arrangements.

Given the days leading up to this year’s Presidential election are numbered, the night was not free of some political soapboxing by Gibbard.

Although much of the audience was of an age to likely not follow current American political events, the unspoken apology by Gibbard for the political ramblings was an immediate, intimate acoustic performance of fan favorite “I Will Follow You Into the Dark”, off 2005’s ‘Plans’.
Like and professional touring band, Death Cab know how to pace a concert. Through the highs and lows, they kept attention and involvement at heightened levels throughout the evening. After the fake ending and subsequent return to stage, the three remaining songs were rounded out with the predictable, yet much desired, “Transatlanticism”, off the 2003 milestone record of the same name.
Gets ’em every time.
Supporting group was Bully, out of Nashville, TN.