Play Smarter Kids Opens Doors in The Woodlands

Play Smarter Kids Opens Doors in The Woodlands


Play Smarter Kids

Play Smarter Kids, a new children’s enrichment program in The Woodlands, Texas has developed an innovative way to teach science, robotics and art to children ages 3 through 12 by taking them on a journey through storytelling.

Aurora Clarke, self-proclaimed “science nerd” and the owner of Play Smarter Kids, has a deep and abiding love for both STEM and the arts. She has been teaching her own pioneering brand of STEM curriculum for over 10 years now.

Play Smarter Kids

Beginning with summer programs at Lone Star College Aurora has made it her life’s passion to discover a way to combine topics in science, technology, engineering and math, subjects collectively known as STEM with the inspirational potential of all while truly speaking to children.

When asked about her inspiration for Play Smarter Kids, Aurora replied, “I love story writing, and wanted to create a community where kids could explore a fusion of literacy, sciences, and art in a way that ACTIVELY encourages and challenges their natural curiosity for creative learning. I wanted to keep it light hearted, but was also inspired to incorporate as many learning concepts as possible. The stories involve many subjects like geography, vocabulary, and literacy skills, while the activities incorporate the STEM, critical thinking, and the arts.”  

Aurora has crafted captivating narrative adventures filled with superheroes, fairytales, and space aliens that incorporate science experiments, art, robotics, technology, engineering and mathematics through hands-on activities. Each activity, carefully constructed to coordinate with the adventure, keeps children exhilarated and excited during the entire session.

Play Smarter Kids is located next door to Kinder Music in Grogan’s Park, in its brand new location. The bright and whimsical space is perfect for birthday parties, workshops, field trips, small groups and the newest additions to their lineup of classes, Saturday Science plus Playdates & Lunch.

Saturday Science is a 2 ½ hour class where kids explore science, art and technology projects through exciting space adventures, mysteries, and silly tales. A Chick-fil-A lunch is also provided, and curbside pick-up and drop-off is encouraged for busy Saturday mornings.

Playdates & Lunch is a weekday class, currently gaining momentum with mothers of The Woodlands and Spring area. Aurora describes it as “A way for parents and preschoolers to enjoy their time together and get excited about learning. Seeing their little minds works and curiosities running wild is such a joy! It’s also a great way for parents of little ones to meet with each other and meet new people in their community.” Playdates & Lunch has been an exciting venture as toddlers and preschoolers alike come with their parents to enjoy story time and lunch while learning hands-on STEM. The program is perfect for little ones with busy hands and big imaginations!

Aurora’s dynamic and creative approach to learning ensures that there is something for every child at Play Smarter Kids. Take a look at their upcoming classes, exciting birthday parties, Saturday Sciences and Playdates & Lunch! Then be on the lookout for summer camps, Play Smarter Pop Up Events, and other new programs coming soon. Play Smarter Kids is sure to create a buzz with budding scientists, artists, and engineers in The Woodlands!