BUZZFEST 36: Kicks Off Concert Season at The Woodlands Pavilion

BUZZFEST 36: Kicks Off Concert Season at The Woodlands Pavilion

Sully Erna – Godsmack Drum Solo Photo: Images by Baytes

Buzzfest 36 kicked off The Woodlands Pavilion concert season of 2017 with a phenomenal line up!

Headliners included Godsmack and Breaking Benjamin along with PVRIS, Highly Suspect, P.O.D., Red Rising Sun, The Unlikely Candidates, Toadies, Badflower, Dreamer, Missio, New Politics, Bleeker, and Filter.

Missio, a band that you may recognize from MTV’s Finding Carter & Scream or maybe you have seen them around the streets of Austin winning “Best Narrative Music Video” for ‘Can I Exist?’ at the Austin Music Video Awards!

That’s right Houston these guys are Texans and probably one of the most talked about after the concert was over next to Filter. They came to the stage and brought a raw punch with their music which had a unique twist that drew the audience in wanting more. As Allen Baytes of Images by Baytes would say ”They were great, very primal and tribal with a pure raw sound” Check these guys out if you haven’t.

Almost a year ago I remember hearing a song called “The Otherside” and had an instant love for the song. The beat, the lyrics, the voice behind the song connected to me. I was hooked.  Out of Akron, Ohio comes to you Red Rising Sun. Hearing them on the radio is one thing, hearing the vocals live and in person will blow your mind. The vocal range and talent from this band is phenomenal. Red Rising Sun vocally rocked the hell out of their latest cover song “Uninvited” by Alanis Morisette. Personally I would not think anyone could remotely touch what she has done, but Red Rising Sun proved me wrong.

Ahhhhh on to Filter, the biggest let down of the day in my opinion. I guess when I come to a concert I want to get lost in the music and not be reminded of the constant BS we are faced with politically with social media. Political rants shouldn’t be brought to the stage! Seriously, come to Texas and talk about cops shooting innocent people with their hands up and wanting to see Trumps taxes…..Get out of here with that. Then trying to engage the audience with your rants, trying to add to the list of other protests because you got like 3 people to repeat what you said…..FOOLISH! That entertained the audience so much that several left. GOOD JOB, Not! That was one way to show you can say what you want. Keep that BS off the stage please, we hear enough of it.

Benjamin Burnley
Benjamin Burnley – Breaking Benjamin Photo: Images by Baytes
Photo: Images by Baytes

On to the class act of the night, Breaking Benjamin. The most HUMBLE band I have yet to see. Lead singer Benjamin repeating how thankful and great Houston’s crowd is. How much he loves his fans. That shows true appreciation. Throwing a bit of humor in his set, showing off his belly, letting us all know he eats what he wants and has no desire to exercise because it sucks. LOL!  Coming from political ranting Filter, Breaking Benjamin dedicates “I will not bow” to all of the ones that take the front like military and police who sacrifice their lives for all of us every single day! That’s respect! Still hearing people talking about their performance.

Sully Erna – Godsmack Photo: Images by Baytes

The powerful punching Godsmack came out rocking the stage and blowing things up! Pure hard rock with the most epic dual drum solo ever! The amount of Pyros on the stage had to be set up and tested days before to make sure everything was ready for Buzzfest. Front man Sully never fails to engage every single individual in the arena. His energy pulls the audience to another level of intensity. If you’re a fan you’ll never leave a Godsmack concert dissatisfied.