Monday, January 22, 2018
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Marc Crudgington'
I am a father of two young boys. Live in The Woodlands, TX and grew up in the Lake Livingston area. A tour in the US Air Force took me to California where I lived from 1994 - 2011. Hobbies include anything adventurous and outdoors, running, biking, golf, at times competing in Triathlons, travel, music, live music, movies, enjoying the beach, scuba diving, attending sporting events, and trekking around the area. My job is a technology executive with an emphasis on Cyber-security. Facilitating cooperation between business unit stakeholders and IT teams using a balance of technical, financial and business acumen is paramount to my success. I differentiate myself through: the combination of business knowledge and technology experience, having a strategic perspective, maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit, communicating effectively at all levels, and driving innovation. • Strength Finders 2.0: ACTIVATOR, STRATEGIC, COMMUNICATION, Woo and Futuristic. I am talented at sorting through the clutter and find the best route; see patterns where others simply see complexity. This helps me evaluate accurately the potential obstacles and make selections until I have arrived at – the strategy. • Meyers Briggs: ENFP – I am motivated by my interaction with people (E), focus on the big picture (N), make decisions based on my values (F) and bring relevant facts and details to the forefront (P). Interesting fact about me: I am a descendant of Davy Crockett. “Let your tongue speak what your heart thinks." Davy Crockett

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