The Woodlands Township & CVB Leaders Endorse Napolitano for Sheriff

The Woodlands Township & CVB Leaders Endorse Napolitano for Sheriff

JIm Napolitano for Sheriff
Jim and Angela Napolitano with Gena Norris, Governor Greg Abbott and Chuck Norris

A trio of The Woodlands Township Board of Directors have announced their endorsement of Chief Jim Napolitano for Sheriff of Montgomery County in the upcoming Republican Primary.

Gordy Bunch, John McMullan, and Laura Fillault, three of the Township board’s biggest vote getters and resident advocates, are endorsing and telling supporters that Napolitano is the most qualified officer to preserve the peace in the community during these “precarious times” in the world.

Bunch is also Chairman of The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau. He has extended his endorsement to include Napolitano’s ability to protect the hundreds of thousands of visitors, shoppers, and conventioneers who visit The Woodlands on business and pleasure throughout the year.

Napolitano has previously been endorsed by the Montgomery County Tea Party and the Texas Patriots PAC, the two authentic and active tea parties in Montgomery County.

Napolitano is a retired secret service special agent, who as a protector of our nation’s security guarded four U.S. Presidents: Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. He is currently Chief of Police of the City of Montgomery and is ready to move from “Secret Service to Public Service as Montgomery County Sheriff.”

Gena Cook a well-known organizer of social and special events in The Woodlands is organizing a VIP fund-raising event in conjunction with the Chuck Norris “Trigger the Vote” event on Presidents’ Day, February 15. Paul Lazzaro, former Vice president of Marketing and Public Affairs for the predecessor operating company to The Woodlands Development Company, is serving as Communications Director for the Napolitano campaign. Lazzaro has served as a key consultant in many victorious election campaigns since he returned to The Woodlands in 2007 after a brief retirement.

Napolitano’s international law enforcement background and service has earned him the endorsement of icons like Chuck Norris. Today, popular radio personality Sam Malone of the Sam Malone Show on AM 1070 accepted the role of emcee at the election rally.