Macoy Noack Speaks Out with a Positive and Powerful Endorsement Video

Macoy Noack Speaks Out with a Positive and Powerful Endorsement Video

James Noack for County Commissioner
James Noack for County Commissioner has also been endorsed by: Texas Patriots PAC, Montgomery County Tea Party, Montgomery County Law Enforcement Association, Mark Keough – State Representative, Alan “Barb” Sadler – County Judge, Brett Ligon – District Attorney, Ryan Gable – Constable 3, Rowdy Hayden – Constable 4, Gordy Bunch – The Woodlands Township Director, Mark E. Escott, M.D – Montgomery County Public Health Authority

James Noack’s son Macoy Noack is very involved and interested in the election for Precinct 3 County Commissioner.

Recently 10 year old Macoy Noack decided to speak out with a creative, powerful and positive message and endorsement for his father Commissioner James Noack Precinct 3.

We reached out to Commissioner Noack after discovering the creative video on YouTube, and Noack said, “My son, Macoy, is very interested in this race. Unfortunately, he has seen and heard some of the campaign rhetoric and decided to act. He knows we have run a positive campaign based on issues and my record. As they say, “From the mouths of babes…” I could not be any prouder of my son.”

See Macoy’s lyrics below which are played over Taylor Swift’s background music of “Blank Page”

“Commissioner James Noack, he has done really great things

He stands up for us, no matter what it brings,

Oh my gosh, it’s Tuesday, Let’s re-elect Noack today, he’s the one we need to stay

He votes for what is right, even when he stands alone, Man of the people, that is how he’s known

Oh my gosh, he hears our voice, Precinct 3 let’s rejoice, Noack is the only choice

Commissioner Noack, we’ll re-elect you today. He always fights for us and he cares what we say

He solves our traffic problems, each day and everyday, You know you want to Vote Noack today

Time to stand beside him, as he as done with you. He’s a man of honor and keeps his promises to

He’s got a long list of supporters, that’ll tell you just the same

I’ve got a blank ballot baby, check Noack’s name”

Early voting starts Tuesday February 16th. Make sure you get out and vote!