Get Fit with Micki Fisher at VillaSport in The Woodlands

Get Fit with Micki Fisher at VillaSport in The Woodlands

Micki Fisher Fitness Advisor and Personal Trainer at VillaSport
Micki Fisher: Fitness Advisor and Personal Trainer at VillaSport of The Woodlands

Local resident of The Woodlands and fitness model Micki Fisher would like to invite you to reshape your life and your personal image for the better by getting fit with her in her personal training classes at Villa Sport The Woodlands.

As a Type 1 Diabetic and a mother of two children, Micki has had to balance her life with exercise and nutrition. Without balance, day to day living becomes a challenge and added activities and dietary changes can become unruly and dangerous. Consistency and dedication are terms Micki uses to model day to day activities for herself and her personal training clients.

Micki began a competition career at age 14 as Miss Waller County TX Teen USA and later on became 4th Runner up in Miss TX USA as Miss Woodlands TX USA. Years of competition led Micki into a life long commitment to exercise and eventually brought her a WBFF (World Beauty Fashion & Fitness Inc.) Fitness Model Pro Card in 2011.

“I was 35 years old, the mother of two young boys, and a type 1 Diabetic when I won my card,” said Fisher.

Micki Fisher Pro
Micki Fisher

The 2011 Central US Championships held in Kansas City, MO was an event that changed her life. Since becoming a WBFF Pro, she has been published in World Physique Magazine, Fit & Firm Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, Canada’s Inside Fitness Magazine, STATUS Fitness Magazine, and has also written fitness and nutrition articles for Augusta Pines Life.

Currently, Micki is a sponsored athlete by Nutrition53. She recently competed in the Las Angeles WBFF Pro/Am show held this past April. She also coaches athletes to get on the WBFF stage and enjoys traveling to events as a WBFF athlete and model.

Micki stated, “At 40 yrs old, I understand how changes in life require you to pay attention and make adjustments. One-on-one training helps me make a difference in people’s lives.”

At Baylor University Fisher taught aerobics and then pursued an Environmental Specialist career. As her own personal family started to grow, she had less time for career as a Environmental Specialist, but realized maintaining a career in fitness and personal training was where her heart and passion was.

In 2012, Micki started the transition from fitness instructor to personal trainer. She currently works for Villa Sports of the Woodlands as a Fitness Advisor & Personal Trainer, and enjoys modeling and competing. She is motivated to strive for her best by her clients and children.

By understanding everyone individually needs a specific approach to reach their fitness goals, Micki is able to rise above the rest for her clients and deliver results.

“No one person follows the same plan. It’s just important to reach small goals and be gratified by success in every day life.” said Micki.


1997: Graduated from Baylor University
1998: 4th Runner Up Miss TX USA
2010: 1st Place NANBF Tall Figure Beginner/Novice, Kansas City, MO
2010: 4th Place NANBF Tall Figure the Yorton Cup, Washington D.C.
2011: 1st Place WBFF Diva Fitness Model and Pro Card Winner, Kansas City, MO
2011 & 2012: WBFF World’s Pro Championship Competiton Toronto, CA, 2014 Las Vegas, NE
2016: WBFF Las Angeles, CA Pro Am

To contact Micki, you can reach her at Villa Sports of the Woodlands by phone 832-585-0822 or message her on facebook at WBFF Pro Micki Lynn Fisher