The Work Lodge is Opening in The Woodlands

The Work Lodge is Opening in The Woodlands

The Work Lodge, Vintage Park
The Work Lodge, Vintage Park Photo: Yelp

The Work Lodge is coming to The Woodlands, and to make the news even sweeter, they’ll be giving their first tours tomorrow!

Founded by Mike Thakur who is also CEO, The Work Lodge is a co-working revolution. On the home page of The Work Lodge website it states this bold yet simplistic message.

  • “Grow Something. Big”
  • “Enjoy our beautifully crafted, fully furnished workspace. Connect with our growing business network.”

The Work Lodge home page

With one successful location already thriving in Vintage Park, Thakur is excited to bring the newest location to The Woodlands which will open sometime in the next month or so.

The Work Lodge 2
The Work Lodge, Vintage Park Photo: Yelp

I personally believe this is a brilliant idea and I’m sure it will do extremely well in The Woodlands. There are so many entrepreneurs and professionals in this area needing a co-working environment like this, so the demand is definitely there.

Reviewing the website I’m already getting extremely excited. For those reading who know me personally, you understand how much tech, start ups and revolutionary ideas are something I enjoy.

There is a tab on the website called WL Labs. By following this tab you’ll get to a page called Work Lodge Labs. I’ve included screen shots below so you can see some features talked about on this page. This is the type of place The Woodlands and Houston area has needed for quite a long time for our entrepreneur community.

Work Lodge Labs

The Work Lodge

Here is what some of The Work Lodge’s current members have to say about the environment and community.

Cara Smith wrote a great piece for the Biz Journals in 2015 about Thakur’s first location in Vintage Park.

Follow and learn more about The Work Lodge on their Facebook page and other social media.

Also check out their website here!