Jimmy Buffett Brought a Beach Party to The Woodlands

Jimmy Buffett Brought a Beach Party to The Woodlands

Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy Buffett – Photo: Rukkus.com

As I parked, I wasn’t sure if I was at a football game or a concert. This was my first experience with Mr. Jimmy Buffett. As I approached The Woodlands Pavilion, I looked around and couldn’t help notice how colorful the crowd was.

Not only was everyone wearing colorful clothing, but everyone appeared to be extremely happy. Now, was that from the tailgating or the wine escapade that was going down in Market Street before the concert? I could not tell until I was in the pavilion.

Once Jimmy hit the stage, beach balls were flying.

The back drop of his screen was a water front. With drinks in almost everyone’s hands, visuals of water, Jimmy Buffett performing on stage, and beach balls flying everywhere, there was a realistic beach feel.

Houston’s weather was pretty close to perfect for a concert in June. So perfect, Buffett referenced performing last year where we had water filling up the seating section. Speaking of seating, not an empty seat could be spotted in the Pavilion. Typically when the bands start, people are still trickling in the building, but fans were here early for this concert.

As his 12 piece band performed on stage, it feels like he’s taking you on a journey of every place he has traveled.

At the age of 70, I watch this man on stage and feel I am in ahhhh of him. A man who truly lives his life to the fullest. You could see Buffett’s energy transfer to the audience as they sang along. In life we get caught up in the hustle, in keeping up with the Jones, and becoming so busy we forget to LIVE LIFE. Imagine if we all had more of a Jimmy attitude, how much more we would enjoy the beauty in life.

I felt like he took me around the world with every song he sang. Including a stage he found where Mark Twain once played, he put it on his bucket list and made it happen. He said once he got there he was influenced to write another song, seems to be his way with a “let nothing stop you” attitude. He also took the time to do a tribute to the late great Gregg Allman of the The Allman Brothers. As the camera panned around the crowd, many people were dancing in the aisles and in their seats.

As the cultural icon ended the night, he reminded us all that spirits were moving and how beautiful of a night in The Woodlands, TX it was. On his way out, the 11 members from the band departed the stage and left Jimmy up there with his acoustic guitar. He stated ”this is how I played my very first show in Houston so I want to finish the night like I started when I first performed”. Leaving this concert, I can honestly say this was the most unique concert I have yet to see. I have been to at least 100 plus shows in my life and definitely left the premises with a feel good attitude and an instant need for the beach with a margarita in my hand. If you have yet to see Jimmy Buffett in concert, I’d highly recommend it as a must.

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