Blue October Takes Moment of Silence for Chester at 94.5 Weenie Roast

Blue October Takes Moment of Silence for Chester at 94.5 Weenie Roast

Justin Furstenfeld - Blue October Photo: Gilbert Bernal
Justin Furstenfeld – Blue October Photo: Gilbert Bernal

I frequently attend concerts.  It’s something I enjoy and that takes me away to another place, kinda like yoga to some.

Hearing amazing music is something I thoroughly enjoy; and during this concert we were also reminded of the great Chester Bennington with sort of tribute to the recent icon! I’ll get to that later, for now I’ll continue to review the bands.

David Butler - Missio Photo Gilbert Bernal
David Butler – Missio Photo Gilbert Bernal

It was a pretty epic lineup for the 94.5 Weenie Roast this year.  Missio full on delivered to a seemingly unknown audience that had mostly not heard them. I said it before and I will say it again, GO SEE MISSIO the next chance you get. This 3-piece band delivers a special kind of funk, a special kind of rock, and a special kind of hit that stands out.

David Butler - Missio Photo Gilbert Bernal
David Butler – Missio Photo Gilbert Bernal

As recent events have occurred with Chester taking his life and exposing the world to the internal darkness and struggle he was going through, Missio’s singer Matthew referenced darkness we all face on a regular basis.

Meanwhile with Justin Furstenfeld standing on the side of the stage for support or to hear their amazing music, not really sure which however, Matthew referenced him and all of his support in that situation.  Matthew did touch on his own struggle with alcoholism and drugs that follows with loneliness in your mind. As Matthew stated we all come out from our busy lives to hear music and feed our soul.  My people of this world, DARKNESS IS NO JOKE.  IT IS REAL AND HERE SURROUNDING US EVERYDAY!

Jesse Hasek - 10 Years Photo: Gilbert Bernal
Jesse Hasek – 10 Years Photo: Gilbert Bernal

10 Years hit the stage and did not disappoint. They played several hits that got the crowd on their feet and moving. Houston’s heat is brutal and 10 years didn’t hesitate to perform to the fullest.

Next to hit the stage, Blue October! A local Houston band that has made their way. Not an easy road for sure, but made it. I have witnessed this band on stage many times and I am always left with a feeling inside of relief of some sort. Tonight was different. More intense. Justin had a black jacket with a spray painted “Chester” on the right side of his chest. This show was deep! Deep enough that he paused and had the whole entire audience went silent for close to a minute in memory of Chester.  Not an easy task. There were some yellers in the crowd but not many. Hats off to you Justin! Way to recognize the darkness that we all have and moments that we suffer from and shine on any way! Blue October definitely stole the night in my opinion!

Pete Loeffler - Chevelle Photo: Gilbert Bernal
Pete Loeffler – Chevelle Photo: Gilbert Bernal

Headliner Chevelle, another 3-piece band, hit the stage with pure power. Watching Chevelle perform, makes me feel as if I am watching them practice. They didn’t interact with the audience as much during this show. Not sure if this is normal for them, because I’ve never seen them. Not saying they didn’t do any interacting at all, however it was minimal. They have so many hits that made the audience happy the lack of interacting probably went unnoticed to the average person. Overall their performance was incredible though as well as every other band in the line up!


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