Saturday, February 24, 2018
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My name is David Peplinski. I am a former professional soccer player, recovering alcoholic and addict, and a child who refuses to grow old! I have a story unlike any you've ever heard, I'd bet my life on it! I have made it my mission to use it to help transform the hearts of as many people as I can. You can find me at or 35,000 feet!

David Peplinski Ready to Speak about Mental Health Awareness

November is Mental Health Awareness Month. But Shhhhhhhhhhh… Nobody wants to talk about that. That is about to change! President and Founder of Compass Athletics,...

Compass Athletics: Are You Building a Pyramid Toward Your Dreams?

We all love to make excuses! I’ve done it, you’ve done it, literally everyone on this planet has made an excuse at some point...

Compass Athletics: Overcoming Society’s Growing Sense of Entitlement

My name is David Peplinski, CEO & Founder of Compass Athletics. My fiancé and I just moved to The Woodlands and I am anxious...