INTERVIEW: The Wild Now! Austin City Limits 2017!

INTERVIEW: The Wild Now! Austin City Limits 2017!

The Wild Now, 10/7/17, ACL – Zilker Park, Austin, TX

Taylor Baker (vocals) and Drew Walker (guitar)

Woodlands Journal: So, you’re actually from Austin, TX. Do you think your sound might have turned out differently had you been from Denver, Minnesota, Florida… how do you think this city and its music scene influenced how you two create music?

Taylor Baker: Well, I grew up on Lake Travis. And being on the water has been a big influence. Drew used to sail, and we were always on boats, so I think we always had that laid-back vibe. And we’re just laid-back people, so our music kinda’ has a breezy, Indie kinda’ feel.

Drew Walker: A lake, beachy vibe that you can listen to on a boat. It’s just kinda’ what we do.

TB: It probably would have been different though, otherwise.

DW: Ya, absolutely. If we weren’t around water our whole lives, we might be playing punk rock music or something!

TB: Noooo, I don’t think I would! But the Austin music scene, for sure, has a big influence on us.

WJ: Can we get some insight as to the meaning of the name?

TB: “The Wild Now” is just about being in the moment. Being spontaneous. And our music kinda’ has a unique aspect to it. AND… “The Wild Now” was not taken by any other band, so that was also a pretty big part.

DW: It’s PRETTY hard to find open band names. You can think of a name, Google it, and there are three bands that have that name. It took us forever to find something that we liked. And we might even change it again! Who knows?!

WJ: Which comparisons to other groups have you received that you agreed with, or didn’t agree with?

DW: Some that we do agree with – Glass Animals and Local Natives. Or Young The Giant. Those are three that are also big influences

TB: I get a lot of random vocalists. The Cranberries. Some of it’s off the wall, but I’ll take it. Shania Twain. I’d rather get a mix of stuff every time because it makes me feel like we have a unique sound that’s hard to define.

WJ: Give us a visual of where you write. Where do you come up with stuff?

DW: Well, we live together in an apartment downtown and I think we write best on our own when there’s complete Zen. We don’t have to meet deadlines, there’s no stress. We’re not working that day. At least, that’s when I write best, is in my living room in my little home studio I made

TB: Also, when it’s raining.

DW: Ya, when we’re forced to be inside. We can’t go to the dog park, we can’t go to the lake. We have to be inside, so might as well do music. I’ll come up with a guitar part, and add some synthesizers on my computer and I’ll send it to her. That’s when she’ll come up with a melody or a lyric.

TB: I’m always writing down lyrics I come up with in a notebook.

DW: And later in the day, if that melody or guitar part is stuck in my head, that’s how I know it’s good. It’s gotta’ be catchy.

TB: It’s almost an unspoken knowing.

WJ: Who out there today is making music you wish you had written?

(TB and DW simultaneously): Oh, BECK.

TB: Without question. He just keeps evolving.

DW: He’s a musical genius.

WJ: What’s your favorite that you’ve played?

DW: 310 ACL Live. Or White Oak Music Hall in Houston – we played on their smaller stage, but we loved it.

WJ: How did you develop your technical style on the guitar, Drew?

DW: I’ve been playing for twelve years. Took Classical guitar lessons in sixth grade and I only listened to guitar/instrumental music in high school. And then I got into pop music in college at Texas State. And I started partying a little bit, that’s when I started writing more.

WJ: I think of Minus the Bear when hearing your guitar parts.

DW: I went through a HUGE Minus the Bear phase! Some of that fret tapping is definitely influenced by Minus the Bear.

WJ: And for you, Taylor, I thought of Rilo Kiley. Jenny Lewis?

TB: We love her too. I don’t know her old band that well, but I like the comparison.

WJ: Who are you looking forward to seeing this weekend?

DW: We saw Jay-Z last night.

TB: Red Hot Chili Peppers. Chance the Rapper.

DW: The Head and The Heart. Portugal, The Man.

TB: The Killers!

WJ: So what is next on the agenda for The Wild Now?

DW: We have an ACL Late Night show next Thursday.

TB: We open for James Vincent McMorrow! I’ve been a total fan girl forever. Oh, I hope we get to meet him! And we are writing a full-length album. We go into the studio next April. Hopefully we get signed!

DW: And then hit the road, full-time! And then take over the world!